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Megan Pinch & Nelson Adolphson
P.O. Box 89
Fall Branch, TN 37656
423. 414. 2666 (call any time- you will need to leave a message)
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Since we are quite small, we do not have a storefront. Please don't try to visit our P.O Box! If you are interested in having a piece made, we are happy to set up a visit to our shop, just get in touch with us to set up an appointment. We try to respond quickly to our email and phone messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have anything already made and ready to ship?
We have a small space without much room for storage, so we make each piece of furniture to order.

Can we come to your shop? What hours are you open?
Because we are small and always working, we aren't open regular hours for visits. If you are thinking of having a piece of furniture made and are within driving distance, we are happy to make an appointment for you to come to our shop. At any given time we will likely have several pieces of furniture in progress to show you.

Where can I see your finished pieces?
We only sell our furniture at a few stores right now, marked with an asterisk* on this list. We have pictures of nearly everything we have made, which we are happy to email you.

Can I get wood samples?
Yes, we offer samples as an Etsy listing here: order samples.

Can I choose specific pieces of wood?
Because of the amount of work it takes to dig through our lumber in search of something specific, then photograph and email it, we are only able to do this when a deposit has been made. We do try to honor requests, such as "dark walnut" or "likes sapwood" or "extra knots". We pull out the bookmatched pieces as we find them, and do offer some choice pieces of wood on our Private Stock Lumber page.

Why don't you use exotic or reclaimed wood?
We like to know where our wood came from. We often see furniture made from woods we have never heard of; woods we know nothing about. We prefer our standard American hardwoods: cherry, red oak, white oak, quarter sawn white oak, walnut, maple, ambrosia maple, curly maple and ash. Reclaimed woods are not only hard on our equipment, we also have serious concerns about their history, imagining sick animals, layers of bird poop and tobacco-spitting farmers... Not something we want to eat off of or sleep on. We certainly don't want your toddler to be sucking on the edge of a table made of something questionable.

Why don't you offer more finishes, stains and paints?
We don't like to cover up the beauty of the wood. We also don't like exposing people to harsh chemicals. Our finish options are unfinished, 0% VOC boiled linseed oil, or a plant-based oil and wax blend on surfaces that will take a little more wear and tear.

How long does it take to make a piece?
Most beds and tables take 2 - 3 days to build, while dovetail nightstands and dressers take about a week. Curing time for our oil and wax finish adds a few days to the process. Our usual turnaround time is 3 - 5 weeks, plus up to 5 business days for shipping.

What if I'm in a rush?
If you are in a rush, depending how busy we are and what you're looking to order, we may be able to build faster for a rush fee.

How do you ship?
We wrap our furniture in foam and bubblewrap, then we take it to FedEx Office to be boxed with their Pack and Ship Guarantee. We ship via FedEx Ground, insured and with appointment delivery where available. Usually our beds fit in 2 - 4 oversize boxes. For larger pieces and multi-piece orders, we build crates and ship by freight.

Do you offer white glove delivery?
Yes. If you are within a 4 hour drive from us, or if we happen to be coming your way already, we may offer to deliver to you personally. It depends on how much total furniture we have to deliver in your area. If you are out of our delivery area, we can find a place that will deliver into your home and set up your pieces for an extra charge. The rates vary greatly depending where you live and what the piece is.

Do you build with mortise and tenon joinery?
We can use traditional mortise and tenon joinery, but in order to make the pieces more affordable and the shipping easier, we usually do not. Our construction with Festool Dominoes is sort of a modern day version of mortise and tenon, and just as strong.

Can you build furniture in different styles?
We can build pretty much anything. If it has to be shipped, we will need to design it so you can put it together on your end, which is often a lot to figure out. We get asked to make many different things, and sometimes we are up for the challenge of something new, while other times we know we won't be able to build it in a cost effective way. We try to only take on pieces we think fit with our style and the vision for our business.

Do you offer any discounts or have sales?
On occasion we offer Etsy coupon codes, usually through our newsletter. We do offer discounts for multiple piece orders.

Do you offer custom engraving?
Yes, we work with a local engraver to offer that service, and they do an excellent job with logos and text.

What do you do with scraps?
We hate to waste anything. A scrap for us is usually smaller than 4" in size, and we often use scrap pieces of wood to smoke and flavor steaks out on the grill. In the winter, we burn the scraps in our wood burning stove to keep us warm in the shop. We sometimes sell our scraps to other woodworkers making smaller things like pens and jewelry.The wood shavings from our dust collection system get used as cat litter and bedding in our barn (except for the walnut shavings) and also get spread in our garden as a weed barrier.