Private Stock Lumber (update 6/1/20)
When we buy lumber, it is rough sawn and very hard to see what the lumber will ultimately look like. We rarely get to pick and choose each piece of lumber, and sometimes we find beautiful surprises when we send a piece through our planer to get the first glimpse of its character. We sometimes find pieces that were sliced from the same log, and when they are placed next to each other they have symmetry in the markings- this is called bookmatched. We have a bad habit of hoarding these pieces as our private stock, but we don't need any more furniture and we don't have the space to keep all of it!

On this page we are offering some choice pieces of lumber and/or bookmatched pairs for an additional cost. These are the kind of things that are hard to find when you go looking for them! Most of these pieces are 7' long or longer (finishing at 3/4" thick) and could be used as a console table, coffee table or desk, as a headboard, or featured in the center of a dining table. Some pieces could work well for a queen headboard + a nightstand top. Because we sell more beds than anything, I have indicated the largest headboard size we could make from these, but any would be great for a table as well.

If you like something that's only 18" and you need 24", for example, we can usually find a suitable smaller board to add to it. We also may have some wide walnut boards, curly ambrosia maple, curly ash - feel free to ask. We do also have access to thicker walnut and live edge pieces. Please realize that our lighting is not great and these boards are unsanded and unfinished. Boards will be straight line ripped before glue-up, knots will be filled with epoxy, everything will be planed and sanded and the lumber will appear a lot darker/richer when oiled and more lively in sunlight (especially the curly pieces.)

PRICING (Add to regular price of furniture piece/s):

Treehugger | Maximum Size: King 18" headboard, +$200 (knots will remain and be filled with dark brown epoxy)
Groundhog Day | Maximum size: King 25" headboard, +$200
Peacock | Maximum size: King 18" headboard, +$250
Comets | Maximum size: Cal. King (but not King) 20" headboard, +$250
Bullet Trio | Three pieces, Maximum size: King 27", + $250 (we can remove the bullet or epoxy it to stay in place)
Scales (has a large gnarly knot with bark inclusion) | Maximum size: King 20 - 21" headboard, + $300
Shooting Rainbows | Maximum size: King 20" headboard, +$350
Lilypad | Maximum size: King 20"-22" a curved headboard will allow us to get rid of the open knot, +$300
Contours | Maximum size: King 20" headboard, +$350
*Trilobite (not sure if we still have it) (we will NOT include the large knot hole) | Maximum size: Cal King (but not King) 23" - 24" headboard, + $400
Golden Lake (3 boards) | Maximum size: King 35" headboard or 20" headboard + foot rail, +$350
Wishbone Walnut | Maximum size: King 30 - 33" headboard, or a headboard and small footboard, +$500

Example: The River boards | Shown as a headboard on our Mid Mod XL Bed
Kaleidoscope | Maximum size: King 18" headboard, +$250
Ethereal | Maximum size: King 22" headboard, +$350
Dagger | Maximum (estimated) size: 19.5" - 20" headboard, + $350
Nebula (3 boards, only 1 pic) | Maximum size: King 19.5" - 20" headboard, + $350

CHERRY (non-curly)
Freehand (dark resin inclusions) | Maximum size: King 24.5"- 25" headboard, + $300
Owl | Maximum size: unknown (probably 18 - 20"), + $250

These boards are long and the large knots are most likely avoidable when creating a headboard.
Miss Daisy | Maximum size: King 20 - 21" headboard, + $300
Cherry Pie | Maximum size: King 20" headboard, + $300

Second Cousins (soft gray toned pair) | Maximum size: King 19.5" - 20" headboard, + $250
Just Keep Swimming (high contrast, busy pair) | Maximum size: King 28" headboard, + $350

Wishbone | One wide board, about 19.5"W x 12' long. Price upon request.

We've never seen this before! We have 3 boards skip planed to 1.25", 10"- 13” wide x 10’ - 11’ long (different boards than the ones pictured although probably from the same tree.) Price upon request.